This work-in-progress page is slowly being filled with sermons about Spurgeon, pictures, recommended reading, fun facts, and links to other quality C.H. Spurgeon themed videos and websites!

First, I highly recommend this documentary entitled ‘Though the Eyes of Spurgeon‘.
An excellent way to begin to get to know the man whose sermons we’re revisiting.

spurgeon_gems_bannerThis is Truly an Amazing Feat!

Here you can read every sermon from all 63 volumes of Spurgeon’s sermons, “updated in today’s language”.
This from the website: “Only necessary changes have been made such as updating old English terms and capitalizing Deity pronouns. The content is unabridged”
~ It all ads up to a very pleasant reading experience ~

A Great Biographical Message

From one of my favorite modern day preachers:
The Life and Ministry of Charles Spurgeon
Consider listening while you commute, or cook, or do chores, or work out.
Redeem the time!
(Another good one is: Preaching Through Adversity.
It’s geared toward pastors, but I trust it will be beneficial for all to hear.)

What Did Spurgeon Sound Like?

Unfortunately, there are no audio recordings of Charles Spurgeon himself, but there is of his son, Thomas Spurgeon!
(I hesitate to share this, because he doesn’t sound anything like me!)
Click here for a helpful blog post with more info about the recording
Click here for a direct link to the mp3

What is a ‘sermon jam‘? Watch this video to find out!
If you want to see more like it, visit our YouTube Sermon Jam Playlist