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12. The Peculiar Sleep of the Beloved — Psalm 127:2

“For so he giveth his beloved sleep.”—Psalm 127:2.

Main Points:
1. Miraculous sleep – 9:55
2. The sleep of a quiet conscience – 13:26
3. The sleep of contentment – 17:07
4. The sleep of quietness of soul as to the future – 22:11
5. The sleep of security – 26:13
6. The sleep of a happy dismission – 31:59

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The following are select quotes from this sermon.
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Could you say there was nothing you wanted on earth, save Jesus?

How many of you have arrived at that happy point that you have no wish of your own at all? It is a sweet thing to have but one wish; but it is a better thing to have no wish at all—to be all lost in the present enjoyment of Christ and the future anticipation of the” vision of his face. O my soul! what would the future be to thee, if thou hadst not Christ? If it be a bitter and a dark future, what matters it, so long as Christ thy Lord sanctifies it, and the Holy Ghost still gives thee courage, energy, and strength?

I have heard of some good old woman in a cottage, who had nothing but a piece of bread and a little water, and lifting up her hands, she said, as a blessing, “What! all this, and Christ too?” It is “all this,” compared with what we deserve.

Death is the gate of endless joys, and dost thou dread to enter there? What! fear to be emancipated from corruption? Oh! say not so! but rather, gladly lay down and sleep in Jesus, and be blesssed.

But seriously and solemnly I ask you—Do you know yourselves to be amongst the beloved? And if it happens that you want a test, allow me to give you three tests, very briefly, and I have done. It has been said that there are three kinds of preachers—doctrinal preachers, experimental preachers, and practical preachers. Now I think there are three things that make up a Christian—true doctrine real experience, and good practice.

I am not finding fault with you this morning for differing from me; I may be wrong; but I want to know whether you search the Scriptures to find what is truth. And, if you are not a reader of the Bible, if you take doctrines second-hand, if you go to chapel, and say, “I do not like that:” what matters your not liking it, provided it is in the Bible? Is it Biblical truth, or is it not? If it is God’s truth, let us have it exalted. It may not suit you; but let me remind you, that the truth that is in Jesus never was palatable to carnal men, and I believe never will be. The reason you love it not, is because it cuts too much at your pride; it lets you down too low.

I am afraid there is very little experimental religion amongst us; but where there is true docrine, there ought always to be a vital experience. Sirs, try yourselves by the experimental test. Have you ever had an experience of your wretchedness, of your depravity, your inability, your death in sin? Have ye ever felt life in Christ, an experience of the light of God’s countenance, of wrestling with corruption? Have you had a grace-given Holy Ghost—implanted experience of a communion with Christ? If so, then you are right on the experimental test.

Do not think, because you believe the right doctrines, therefore you are right. There are many that believe right, act wrong, and they perish.

Charles Haddon Spurgeon