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16. Paul’s First Prayer — Acts 9:11

“For, behold, he prayeth.”—Acts 9:11.

Main Points:
1. An announcement – 4:49
2. An argument – 24:34
3. An application – 32:46

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The following are select quotes from this sermon.
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Preaching is not child’s play; it is not a thing to be done without labor and anxiety; it is solemn work; it is awful work, if you view it in its relation to eternity

Praying will make you leave off sinning, or sinning will make you leave of praying

If you pray, you have a proof that you are a Christian; the less you pray, the less reason have you to believe your Christianity; and if you have neglected to pray altogether, then you have ceased to breathe, and you may be afraid that you never did breathe at all.

Don’t think that one prayer on your death-bed will save you. Death-bed prayer is a death bed farce generally, and passes for nothing; it is a coin that will not ring in heaven, but is stamped by hypocrisy, and made of base metal.

Charles Haddon Spurgeon