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Preface : Around the Wicket Gate

~ Around the Wicket Gate ~
Almost Saved, But Altogether Lost

“Enter by the narrow gate.”—Matthew 7:13

In this preface, Charles Spurgeon addresses those who are close to entering the path of salvation but hesitate at the threshold. Drawing inspiration from John Bunyan’s “The Pilgrim’s Progress,” Spurgeon uses the metaphor of the “wicket gate” to represent the entrance to the way of life. He highlights the peril of being “almost saved, but altogether lost,” and expresses his earnest hope that this book will guide many to faith in Christ.

The following are select quotes from this chapter.
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It will be an awful thing to die just outside the gate of life. Almost saved, but altogether lost! This is the most terrible of positions. A person just outside Noah’s ark would have been drowned; a manslayer close to the wall of the city of refuge, but still outside, would be slain; and the person who is within a yard of Christ, and yet has not trusted in him, will be lost. Therefore, I am deeply earnest to get my hesitating friends over the threshold.

Charles Haddon Spurgeon