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86. Unimpeachable Justice — Psalm 51:4

Having been convicted of murder, William Palmer was put to death on June 14th, 1856. The next morning, young Charles Spurgeon, reflecting on the events of the previous day, spoke on the perfect justice of God in condemning sinners.
The topic is far from pleasant, for Spurgeon speaks often of our deserved doom. I urge you to think of Jesus every time the miseries of hell are mentioned! For He suffered in our place on the cross, so that we might escape those miseries and enjoy Him forever.
Trust Him!

Against thee, thee only, have I sinned, and done this evil in thy sight: that thou mightest be justified when thou speakest, and be clear when thou judgest,”—Psalm 51:4.

Main Points:
1. Condemnation of the believer – 7:00
2. Condemnation of the unbeliever – 28:50

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When God the Holy Ghost in the soul passes sentence on the old man, and condemns it for its sins, there is felt most solemnly in the heart the great truth, that hell itself is but a rightful punishment for sin.

Ah! my dear friends, there may be some who rail at God’s justice; but no convinced sinner ever will. He sees God’s law in all its glorious holiness, and he smites his hand upon his breast, and he says, “O sinner that I am! that I ever could have sinned against such a reasonable law and such perfect commandments!” He sees God’s love towards him, and that cuts him to the very quick. He says, “Oh! that I should ever have spit on the face of that Christ who died for me! Wretch that I am, that I could ever have crowned that bleeding head with the thorns of my sins, which gave itself to slumber in the grave for my redemption!” Nothing cuts the sinner to the quick more than the fact, that he has sinned against a great amount of mercy. This indeed, makes him weep; and he says, “O Lord, seeing I have been so ungrateful, the direst doom thou canst ever sentence me to, or the fiercest punishment thou canst ever execute upon my head, would not be too heavy for the sins I have committed against thee.”

The sinner may in this world think that he can never by his sins by any possibility deserve hell; but he will not indulge that thought when he gets there. One of the miseries of hell will be that the sinner will feel that he deserves it all.

Charles Haddon Spurgeon

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