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60. Sovereignty and Salvation — Isaiah 45:22.

Young Charles Spurgeon preached this message on January 6th, 1856, exactly six years after his conversion, and just two days before his marriage to Susannah Thompson!
It’s entitled ‘Sovereignty and Salvation’, and is Spurgeon’s 60th published sermon.

Look unto me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth: for I am God, and there is none else.”—Isaiah 45:22.

Main Points:
1. How God has been teaching this lesson to the world – 6:30
2. How God teaches it in the matter of salvation – 26:06

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The following are select quotes from this sermon.
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Ah, my hearer, look to yourself, and you will be damned. That certainly will come of it. As long as you look to yourself there is no hope for you. It is not a consideration of what you are, but a consideration of what God is, and what Christ is, that can save you. It is looking from yourself to Jesus. Oh! there be men that quite misunderstand the gospel; they think that righteousness qualifies them to come to Christ; whereas sin is the only qualification for a man to come to Jesus.

It is only “look!” “Ah!” says one, “I have been trying to see Jesus this year, but I have not seen him.” It does not say see him, but “Look unto him!” And it says that they who looked were lightened. If there is an obstacle before you, and you only look in the right direction, it is sufficient. “Look unto me!” It is not seeing Christ so much as looking after him. The will after Christ, the wish after Christ, the desire after Christ, the trusting in Christ, the hanging on Christ, that is what is wanted. “Look! Look! Look!” Ah! if the man bitten by the serpent had turned his sightless eye-balls towards the brazen serpent, though he had not seen it, he would still have had his life restored. It is looking, not seeing, that saves the sinner.

Charles Haddon Spurgeon

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